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Event Fun Ideas to Mix Work and Play…

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". It is an old saying in which not only "Jack" is affected but it can actually lower the activeness of your team and also disturb its potential and confidence. The eagerness to carry out certain task and the right attitude towards it, should be blended, and if there is only "work" and no "play" among your staff members, it will make everything dull and tedious for you. There are a few options. However, they could be hard for everyone to carry out.

Here are five event fun ideas that could change things around and create a strong bond between you and your co-workers…

1.    Secret Agent Adventure

During these corporate and exclusive events, you can roam around the city pretending to be some famous personality or a favorite actor. Your team will be given instructions manual showing the maps, tickets and providing you with a digital camera. The smaller groups of people will roam around the city, talking and making it all one memorable event.

2.    Drumming workshops

They have gained quite a lot of popularity in the past. These workshops include a lot of people who get the opportunity to participate in them, building up successful teams.  It involves teamwork that is very healthy for a group of people working together. It requires cooperation for transportation and setting up of the entire experience also, done with the aid of a set of sound instruments.

3.    Go Karting

Go karting involves a lot of fun and drivers tend to enjoy it due to its speed; very experienced people are blown away due to their body weights, involving a lot of thrill to the entire event. You can always make your selections as to what type of karts you need to make it more thrilling and adventurous. There are many of these go karting zones that involve food services as well as some healthy quizzes and competitions. You can warn your team not to make sexist jokes about two different genders driving the cars, or at least you can just keep it level.

4.    Team cooking events

These events aren't only about lectures related to cooking; these activities also involve some teamwork while cooking food. This particular event isn't only about just marketing or promotions; it is also about getting together and requires a great deal of working together as teams. It is not based on the hierarchies; there is no head or teacher and no disciple or student. It does not involve too much professionalism or expertise; you can cook even if it rains outside. And the best part of this event is that you get to eat whatever have cooked.

5.    Circus Skills Workshops

If the group of people you are with, have an adventurous spirit, it is the best idea to participate in a circus skill event to make it memorable for years. These events are a bit similar to "Secret Agent Adventures"; they cost $100 per head. But these are a little more than "go karting" events. People who get scared of these adventures can also enjoy the event as they have a few activities too. Juggling, Hula hoops, and Diablo sticks are best for these people who are not very eager and are frightened to participate in forming a human pyramid.